EstateFit Organiser

Even the most responsible people will admit that they do not have absolutely all of their financial papers organised. If they’re like most people, they’ve assured themselves that one day very soon they will make a proper list of estate-related documents. But, like most people, that day hasn’t yet arrived. To make matters worse, they’ve probably never even stopped to think of the confusion that happens when friends and relatives must be notified in the event of an emergency or death. A list of contacts and location of documents is something most people have never completed, and even for those who have, the list is usually filed away and never seems to be “on location” at the time it is needed.

Now, things have changed – and with relatively little effort from you, the client.

The Intention of the EstateFit Organiser

The EstateFit Organiser is designed to help you catalogue critical personal information to be used at a time when it will be needed the most. Documenting this information now will prepare others to assist with your affairs in the event of a severe disability or untimely death. The EstateFit Organiser will help to quickly locate the important people in your life as well as your important personal papers at a time when things are already complicated enough.

The benefit of this type of advance planning is enormous, and people who would ordinarily be overlooked will be immediately contacted.

Have you ever considered the difficulty for your loved ones in knowing where to start as far as your estate is concerned if you or your partner met an untimely death together?

Or it may be that there is just one in the family that looks after this side of your affairs……. would the surviving partner know where to start?

Have peace of mind knowing that your affairs are in order and easily accessible to your loved ones in their greatest time of need.

Complimentary Offer

As a valued service Money Fitness Centre provides the EstateFit Organiser facility free of charge to all of our clients. click here to avail the complimentary offer.

The Directory provides details for:

  • Emergency Contacts
  • Personal Information
  • Relatives to Notify
  • People to Notify who are meaningful to you
  • Your professional advisers
  • Document Location