“I have known Greg Brown professionally for some 15 years. I first met him in the year 2000 when we discussed the possibility of taking out Income Protection Insurance. After having the detail explained of what would be involved, how the policy worked and what would the benefits be in the unfortunate situation if a claim was to be made I felt comfortable and took out a policy. I reviewed my situation some 4 years later and felt uncomfortable with the escalating premiums so I contacted Greg. He looked at another insurer where the premiums and the premium escalations were more suited to my requirements. I took out a new policy in 2004 with another company. Unfortunately some 3 years later I had the misfortune of needing to lodge a claim. The claim was ongoing and there were times where the situation with the insurance company was uncomfortable. During this process there were occasions I needed advice and assistance from Greg which was freely given in a timely manner. He also talked directly to the insurance company when there were issues that were difficult for me to resolve. It would be very easy for someone to sell a policy and then forget the customer – this certainly is not the case with Greg. Not only did he assist me through the processes but every year without fail he would make personal contact with me; on my birthday – another year gone, how are you and a general chat. Very personal and always appreciated. It is my very clear view that anyone contemplating a policy will have no problems at all with Greg thereafter and will have someone to help them should a problem arise. In today’s world that does not always happen so I have no hesitation in putting this to pen. ”