It’s not just the bills

Income Protection Insurance can pay you up to 75% of your gross monthly salary, to help take care of you and your family financially while you keep the focus where it needs to be – on recovery. At a time when finances are the last thing you should have to think about, Income Protection Insurance helps you get back on track.

Income Protection Insurance offers you and your dependents highly valuable features:

  1. Your premiums are generally tax deductible – making disability income dramatically cheaper
  2. You can choose a waiting period that suits your needs. If you have money in the bank and manageable expenses, you can reduce your premiums by choosing a longer waiting period before benefit payments commence. However, if you have large debts and couldn’t easily cope with loss of income, you can choose a shorter waiting period.
  3. You can choose a benefit period that suits your needs. You can cover your income right up to retirement age, or only as long as you need to get past the big debt years.

Since each of us face difference risks it makes sense to ask your financial adviser to help find the income protection policy that suits your specific needs. The right amount of income protection insurance can give you peace of mind, and help you pass the sleep easy challenge!